Holy Convocation 2014

Feb 21

Holy Convocation 2014

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity and in love! As the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Joy and the overseer of several churches, I felt like a proud father to witness the fellowship and the spirit of oneness that was displayed among the sister churches during our annual convocation.  This year was especially gratifying as a leader because two new churches entered into covenant relationship with Tabernacle of Joy. The theme for this year’s convocation was “Greater Is Coming”. The foundational scripture for the theme can be found in St. John 14.

During the first night of the convocation, Pastor Leaks informed the people of God that as they look for greater, it is important to know that obtaining the greater will cost you something! Throughout the sermon, he began to let the members know that God is looking for laborers, commitment, and dedication. A profound point during Pastor Leak’s sermon was, when he stated that greater will cause you to be accountable and responsible. Every person is given a measure of faith; but in order for that measure of faith to transition to the next level, you must put that faith into action. A lasting sentiment from Thursday night’s sermon was that God Can! God Will! God is Able.

Friday night, I began to let the people of know that in order to get the greater you are going to have to go through.  In the course of the sermon, I began to let the people of God know that in life you are going to encounter a variety of things that will test your faith, hope, and belief in God, but during the testing and trying phase it is imperative that you don’t die in it. Choosing the endure hardships and trials; will work a far more exceeding work of glory in you if you allow God to complete the work. I am well aware that testing is not pleasing in any capacity, but know that when you are tested God is developing character in you and showing you that you are stronger than you think. A lasting thought from Friday night’s sermon was we serve a God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think! The real question is “Are you willing to endure hardness as a good solider to experience the things God has predestined for your life?

Saturday morning, we took a whole new approach to ministering to the body of Christ. Christian Comedian Willie Brown and Woody blessed us with a comedy show that was truly medicine to the soul.  During his performance, he conveyed various morals and lessons to the congregation using the vehicle of joke.

To conclude the convocation, Pastor Alexander spoke about Accessing the Greater.  He charged all members in the congregation to leave the seat of do nothing and get back to work.  A powerful point during the sermon was when he stated, “You can’t win a soul, if you won’t go to work.  All the people Jesus called were people that he found working. A lasting thought from Sunday’s sermon was that in order to take the seat or greater place in God you must endure your personal cross.

As you look for the greater in all aspects of your life, remember to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, commit to your current ministry, work diligently in the position you have been called to serve, and pray that the perfect will of God is accomplished in your life.

Be blessed & Always keep God First!